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Hi Guys and Gals,

2006  FORD KA. 1.3. BASIC MODEL. 🚓

I have a problem. My speedometer has stopped working. The abs warning light is lit on the dashboard. The fuse is ok.

Took it to a friend of my boyfriend who plugged in some machine and said one of the ABS sensors had conked out and that could be causing the problem (I don't think he really knew) but he couldn't say which one as the machine to do that costs about a billion pounds. Anyway, took it to a proper garage and he said it was probably a worn worm gear situated on the side of the gearbox and yet another garage said that was rubbish as it was electronic so.......HELP.....PLEASE. It may be old but it's my baby - lol.😍

So, anybody have any ideas as to how the thing works? Is it electronic or mechanical and what could be the problem? Be as technical as you wish as I'm sure i can get it deciphered. 

Any help gratefully accepted. 😉



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Not quite sure about 2006. I am driving a 2013 and having issues myself. In my research, I stumbled upon dashboard Issues on YouTube. Seemed like they resoldered the connection on the dashboard.

You could try giving you dashboard a few slaps, while the car is on. That way you could see if it is a loose connection. 
Or search the symptoms you are experiencing. you might find something that that sounds familiar.

thats my thoughts.

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