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Mk2 2016 Oil change required

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Hi all - new to the forum!

So I have a 2016 Kuga mk2, for the past 12k ive had to service the car 4 times (every 3k) I've never had an EML light or any other light show up on dashboard, DPF is never blocked.

I've used Shell Vpower since buying the car in August 2018 and from reading forums about this problem I decided to change to BP ultimate, at the same time I have made the choice to use Wynnes DPF cleaner @ £10 a bottle (using it every 4 fill ups - 3 being recommended but I only allow the fuel tank to get to half), I always brim the tank and NEVER let the fuel drop below a quarter - since using Wynnes and changing to BP ultimate I have had an improved MPG of 4mpg and the DPF regens are so much more smoother, if I use the motorway I always make sure im running at a minimum of 2,000 revs to assist a burnoff of the DPF.

Now my issue is the car has been used for the past 6,000 miles as a private hire vehicle and nothing has changed other than the fuel source and DPF cleaner, the wife was hardly driving the vehicle before and I would take it on a 45 min run at 2,500 revs once a week to assist the car perform a regen - does anyone have any ideas as to why it is indicating an oil change every 3,000 miles? I used Ford genuine oil for the first 2 services since buying the car and have recently changed to a low ash oil which is used by all my fellow private hire drivers on their cars, solely because of the cost of ford genuine is still causing the same issue.

I have read on forums that diesel seeps into the sump each time a regen is performed and have also read the Kuga will regenerate a lot more if it is barely used at motorway speeds so my only guess is that the number of regens is causing the decontamination of the oil in the sump - But the job of the Wynnes DPF cleaner is to assist regens for town driving which is why im guessing the regens are a lot smoother.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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