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2004 1.8 duratec intermittent missing

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I have an intermittent problem (probably about 50% of the time) with the engine missing when it reaches normal temperature. If I pull over, the engine will die, then restart quite happily and continue onwards with no further problem. If I keep driving, it will continue to run rough.

I've changed the plugs and coil packs, but no change. The MIL doesn't come on either.




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I bought one once that I didn’t test drive then I later found out that the valve clearances (not to mention seats) were so out at proper running temp, that one pot missed.  With yours though, being intermittent…Hmm?  Sounds like it could be one of many things, so the usual to eliminate, compression, ignition and fuel first.  If you can catch it while it's missing, check to see if you’re getting a spark on all HT leads to single out a specific pot that may be sparkless?  Re coil packs, they can be a bit duff from the factory as can anything and can die way early.  Failing all that, get the ECU tested?


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