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Corrosion on bottom of doors on a 2019 kuga

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As the title said , I bought a 19 reg kuga st line edition with only 2400 miles on , I literally got home and opened the door look down and see loads of corrosion righ above the seam sealer on lower inside of the door (all under the paint not broken through yet) so checked the passenger door and it was the same , so a quick call to Ford and they said it’s got no body work stamp we won’t even look. “Thanks Ford” it’s only had one stamp by a non Ford dealer supplying the car. Anyways rand up where I bought it from and said I’m returning it, they said we will take a look, anyway got there the guy said that’s odd and they have a good relationship with there local Ford and get it put right, I said no Chance and got my px and money back. So that’s me done with Ford now, I can’t believe when I rang my local Allen Ford body shop which I know some people in there by the way, had the cheek to say no we won’t even look at it with out a bodywork stamp. The thing is tho most of the time when u have a service they don’t even stamp the body work section.

Rant over

check your lower doors 



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Thats horrendous, sorry to hear of your experience!

I purchased a used Ford from a main Ford agent (Supposed FSH etc..) I too found some rust on the tailgate and wing.

Took it to my local Stealership who also took one look at the paint record (No stamps) and refused to do it.

I E-mailed CRC at Ford who were also of similar help.

Long story short but it eventually got resolved (which was also a farce at Stealership!)


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