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Quick up shifting gear change transmission ST-Line


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I've been driving various Edge's over the years, more recently my relatively new 19 plate St Line was written off and I had replaced with another 19 St Line, some issues I have with this new one is that the heated steering wheel isn't working, ford are replacing but so far waiting for over a month with a back order item, 
I've also been noticing some oddities with my Edge gear change, it seems to be changing up gears very quickly for example it can get to 6th by around 45mph, to the point where if the incline increases or I'm in slow moving traffic I'm hearing a gear rumble like the gear is too high for the incline or its just too high for the speed and then it changes down a gear and occasionally a jerk forward as the lower gear kicks in, if I'm in Sport mode I don't have any of these issues as its using the rpms more before it changes gear. I never had a problem like this on my previous 19 ST-Line
I've had ford look at this but they said as there is no error from the ECU they cannot diagnose, even though they took it for a test drive and said they didnt see a problem, so now I'm looking at the software modules for the TCM and PCM as I assume it must be software related on how the ratios are calculated. comparing the software modules of my previous 19 st line I can see that the car I'm seeing issues with is running older versions of the modules, so going to pay for the software upgrade on these and a few other modules that are on the ETIS software list for upgrade to see if this fixes the issue, just curious if anyone has had similar issues or any comments.

comparison of the module versions (Bold are the software versions)
Current 19 plate St-line

PCM          Powertrain Control Module (PCM)          K2GA-12A650-ABB          K2GA-14C204-ADK          18-10-18 17:30     
TCM          Transmission Control Module (TCM)          K2GA-12B565-HB          K2GA-14C337-JH          18-10-18 17:30

Previous 19 plate St-Line
PCM          Powertrain Control Module (PCM)          K2GA-12A650-ABB          K2GA-14C204-ADS          14-10-19 16:26     
TCM          Transmission Control Module (TCM)          K2GA-12B565-HB          K2GA-14C337-JN          15-10-19 11:37     


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Update, so I got my local Ford to do the software module updates for all modules that were out of date as listed on ETIS, after much discussion I will add. and the good news is the sluggish gear change has now disappeared and now the car is much more responsive as I remember my previous car was.

PCM          Powertrain Control Module (PCM)          K2GA-12A650-ABB          K2GA-14C204-ADK       ->     K2GA-14C204-ADU 
TCM          Transmission Control Module (TCM)          K2GA-12B565-HB          K2GA-14C337-JH         ->      K2GA-14C337-JP

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