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Will Wiring Support Another Player?

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i'm sick and tired of using a small portable dvd player with a 4" screen on it that i have to unpack, untangle everything, plug it in, ect. one of my mates gave me an idea, get one of them players that has 7" screen, tv, dvd, sd reader, usb, plug for a ps2 and reversing camera and build it into the roof liner in the front so the screen faces me and is easy to watch so i don't have to sit at a weird angle and do any more damage to my back. After having a look at some players i found a few that i liked that would do the job and are a decent price, the only thing that i am not a 100% on is wiring it in. would the cars standard radio wiring be able to support another stereo wired up to it so theres 2 radios and also the parrot bluetooth or is it gona start damaging wires and blowing fuses?

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The easiest option mate would be to find a model with built in FM transmitter,just like this model for £98.99 Click HERE this way you just need to bring a 12volt power supply to the DVD unit then The DVD unit will transmit the sound via specified FM frequency set by yourself and can be tuned in on your existing system without affecting your current wiring at all,

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