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Intermittent Key Remote Problem


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Can anyone please advise on this one issue? C-Max 2014 model with 3 button key fob remote - the remote stopped working completely and a battery change made no difference at first.

It took it to a Ford dealers where the parts department chap pointed it at something out of view (as they have screens up) and confirmed there was no response. I was quoted £230 for a replacement so declined. On researching and thinking it may need re-programming I went back to the car and when stood next to the driver's or passenger door the car now unlocks/locks but no response moving away or to front / back of car. When inside the car the remote (currently) starts the ignition normally.

I had previously noticed the car very quickly decides the battery in the fob is low even when recently changed and had simply been ignoring that warning...

The fault currently only effects one of the two key remotes - I am presuming it is requiring repair?


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It's poor quality replacement batteries.

Buy an expensive Duracell or Panasonic battery from a good electrical wholesaler (not pound land). There are many poor quality and counterfeit batteries on the market that this problem with keys often happens.

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One fob continues to work as it should, and the the other doesn't - the one that is now having problems was previously the main remote fob used by my wife. The one was no issues was the spare so they have been swapped. It would become a real pain if both became unreliable at locking/unlocking and starting the car.

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