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Rear Spats from a Zetec S


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Hi Everyone,


Does anyone know whether it is possible to get the rear spats from a Zetec S, separate from the rest of the bumper? I bought a diffuser replacement and it wont fit with the current bumper setup without having massive gaps.

Ford Fiesta MK7.5 Zetec S Rear Spats

Just so there isn't any confusion about what I mean, the red parts on the bottom that are a separate piece.

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Yes you can buy them separately, part numbers from Ford are 1860475 and 1860477, try searching for the on eBay, they only come in primer though.

Paintmodz sell them and can also paint them. 

it might be cheaper/easy to look for a complete bumper from an ST or ZS etc in that colour.

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Cheers mate, I'll look into it.


Only have this issue since the company I bought the diffuser from decided to tell me it would fit even though the bumper on my car is wrong!

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