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Mk2 Boot Opening And Correct Engine Oil

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Hiya guys,

Just so I know, can I only open my boot by taking the key out of the ignition and pressing the button???.....my MK1 obviously had the boot pull lever with petrol flap, this however just has the petrol flap.

Also what engine oil should my car have......it seems very tappety when I accelerate when warm and I thought maybe I could put a little thicker oil in the car too quiet it down but I dont know what I should be using in the first place. Unless there is another theory to the tappety sound or another remedy.

Thanks Clinton. :D

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i have a p-reg 1.8 lx (mark 2) and quite alot of the time when the car is unlocked i still need to use the key to open the boot - any ideas as to why??



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