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Anyone Breaking A Tonic Blue Mk3 Mondeo?

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Howdy all,

Firstly i'm sorry if this is in the wrong section but the classified section doesnt have a wanted (or not even split into part/cars) so I didnt really want this to get lost with all the cars for sale, if its in the wrong section though I appologise and mods feel free to move it ;)


My girlfriend has just had a prang with our Mondeo, so this will be my first post of many I think :rolleyes: I think she got away very lightly actually apart from both air bags going off :angry:

If anyone can help i'm looking for :

Bonnet, grille, front bumper in Tonic Metallic blue must be in good scratch/dent free condition will also take pair of wings and rear bumper if cheap enough (repair existing dents/scratches while im at it :P ).

I also need a front panel, front crash bar, aircon rad and rad although these are holding water/gas so might get away with it), O/S headlight and of course dashboard with airbag, steering wheel airbag with cruise control buttons and airbag ecu but will have to strip car first for numbers as I beleive they have to match.

Cars a 55plate 130 Tdci 2.0L Duratorq

Parts preferably in the NW but I do travel about alot with work so dont mind travelling for bits.

Thanks in advance.

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try ebay, 2 years ago some fool backed of a drive into the side of me as i was driving down the road and dinked the back door. his insurance gave me 800 quid and let me keep the car. i looked on ebay and found a door the right colour in perfect knick for only £12!!! oh plus £40 carriage. not bad though

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Still looking for a Tonic Blue Bonnet if anyone can help, have everything else now to finish car apart from bonnet :blink:

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