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2018 Kuga


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The rear twin seat on my Kuga will not fold down. The release handle has no tension. I can see that the cable does not tension as it latches onto the seat (unlike the other seat). Looking beneath the seat there is a serious kink in the outer cable sheath. It looks as though the cable has broken. Looking on line it looks as though the cable is integrated into the lower part of the seat, and cannot be purchased as a single item.

I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this, and how was it repaired. The car is now out of warranty. I wondered if there is a case to chase a warranty related claim, since this is a non maintainable item, it looks as though its likely a factory build issue (since nothing goes under the seat) and it’s use in less that 4 years is quite minimal.

I’d appreciate any feedback from those who have experienced similar issues.

mant Thanks

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