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G'day fellow Kuga lovers.


I have a technical issue with my mk 1 2010.

lately  Ive been getting a beep sound on the dash then the outside temperature display goes blank, the handbrake light comes on plus the indicator lights on the dash stop working. also the indicators on the wing mirrors stop working. Also I cannot lock the car with the fob. I disconnected the battery to hopefully reset the system which worked but the problem keeps coming back. Any ideas apart from a electrical meltdown 😭

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I'm with Alex on this one. It sounds like a failing battery, I bet the SOC is low. If it's the original then it is well past it's 'use by' date !!

I'm not aware of any IC problems on the Kuga's either the MK1 or MK2

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Hi im usually just scanning through learning various fixes for issues with my 2010 mk1 2.0 TDCi kuga with little to add to help anyone but this was an issue i found a fix for elsewhere. Do you still have this problem?

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