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2009 Ford KA - Squeaking & stiff clutch pedal


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I have just picked up a 2009 Ford KA, the car runs well aside from the fact that the clutch pedal is quite stiff (making it difficult to let out smoothly - it lets out in increments instead of one smooth motion), and a squeaking noise when pressing down on the pedal.

Although I can't say for sure, it seems that it gets slightly worse the longer you drive it until you leave it overnight.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to what this may be and possibly some things I could try to fix this?


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Probably needs pivot greasing. I don’t know how easy it is to dismantle. You might be able to get some thinner oil to run in there from an oil can with flexi spout thing on it.   BUT make sure oil doesn’t end up running onto pedals where you foot goes as that would be dangerous

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Ressurecting this thread as I had a similar issue on my 2009 Ford Ka Mk2 and people are likely to find their way here like I did via Google.

Problem: Creak/squeak at end of travel when pushing and releasing, more prominent when pushed and released slowly. After cooling down, would only occur after around 25 mins of driving so was always going to be a pain for garage to troubleshoot. It seemed to get worse with longer driving up to a point.

Note this is not a clutch 'squeal' one might hear in a ticking engine when clutch depressed - rather it's a friction squeak which you can feel in the pedal as you slowly move it in and out (a bit like a creaky door).

I just did a successful fix with my friend.

Disclaimer: I'm not a mechanic, this is not guaranteed to work, and as cars are very heavy and go very fast, you do this at your own, *potentially fatal* risk. A mechanic will probably need to help you with this - a mechanic friend helped me. (You'll need at least one friend to help with bleeding).

Solution: Ford Ka Mk2 (1.2 petrol) has same engine as fiat 500. This squeak is a common problem with the clutch slave cylinder.

This is the cylinder I bought for the 2009 Mk2 Ka (check the right model for your vehicle): LuK 512004510

These videos are *really* helpful and show the whole process but neither is clear on the bleeding (they are for Fiat 500, it was the same process for my Mk2 Ka).


For bleeding, I bought a 5mm diameter clear plastic tube from B&Q and a motorcycle brake bleed kit.

1. Got friend to sit in car.
2. Fixed tube (already connected to syringe) on nipple.
3. Opened bleed screw.
4. Friend slowly pushed fluid through with pedal.
5. Tightened screw while pedal still fully pressed.
6. Released pedal slowly.

This process will drain the brake/clutch fluid reservoir so keep that topped up if need be. Repeat until no more bubbles come through. I just needed to do it twice.

Works great now, no squeak and smooth pedal feel. I hope this helps someone else as it did for me.

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