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2004 Cmax alarm problem


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Hi I have a problem with my cmax alarm it keeps going off and  in the last week it's had a new battery and key fob battery a new bonnet latch but still goes of, I now want to try and disconnect the control box like I did on my mk1 Focus but I just cant find it on the cmax , I have been looking online and people state that the alarm horn and module are below the windscreen so I have stripped out the wipers and the wiper motor taken both scuttles out but there is nothing there I found the alarm horn is behind the off side  lower boot trim so I have disconnected that but the indicators are still flashing and I don't want to drain my new battery as I say the horn is in the boot and nothing else there apart from the power socket and boot lamp, so can anyone point me in the right direction to the module location as this has completely baffled me now.

many thanks 


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Hello Matt, if you get a laptop, the software FORScan and a ELM327 lead then you can simply plug in to the OBDII port and see what it is that is triggering the alarm and then fix it.

Download FORScan (it's free): https://forscan.org/download.html

ELM327 lead: https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/USB_Modified_with_switch_ELM327/p4541936_17045457.aspx


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Thanks for that Unofix, I will charge the laptop and get the lead out and try it next time I'm with the car as I left it on my mums driveway and disconnected the battery and reverted back to my Mondeo so I can give the neighbours some peace and quiet lol but will let you know the outcome.


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