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Hello all,

We are having a problem with our ford Mondeo 2002 B5Y 2.5 V 6 170 HP.

One cilinder had a valve problem and damaged the piston. 

Trying to find a replacement piston seems to be a huge problem.

Any of you petrol heads have lead where we can find a piston???

Also some scoring in the liner, can we hone??

Thanks in advance


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Hi, try asking on the Talkford.com forum as there is more knowledge on the mk3 there.. It is possible the conrod itself might also need changing as they often get bent with piston damage. 

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I believe Cleveland V6 was aluminium block, so the bores would be sleeved, but I can't remember, sorry.

The engine was also fitted to Cougar and Jaguar X-Type and some S-Types (but they are very rare), for UK market, so you should be able to source a replacement engine and they were fitted in literally everything for USA so have a search over there for parts.


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Have you tried Ford for a piston? That's where I got one from for a MK5 Escort RS2000 engine (many years ago).


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I'd be more worried about the scoring myself.  No point sourcing a piston first if the cylinder is beyond repair. 

As with Dave, I'd be looking to swap the complete engine for a good used replacement.

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