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Intermittent Battery Light


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My battery light seems to be intermittently going on and off...!!

I've recently had a new battery and even charged it over night but this battery light is still coming on and off again..

There is also a new drive/fan belt on the car which in theory should be powering the alternator.

Any ideas??

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did you get the alternator checked for the output voltage, should be around 13.8 volts with all car headlights,blower,ect turned on.

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I did find out that the alternator is an expensive thing to replace. I'd just finished my holiday in Scotland and was driving along the A66 between Penrith and Barnard Castle when various lights started to illuminate on the dash. Operating the indicators made the radio go quiet, and then the ventilation starting blowing out hot air. Expecting an electrical fire, I pulled over and checked under the bonnet. Nothing obvious, so I tried to re-start and all I got was a whirring sound and then the needles in the dash started to flicker. After waiting for about half an hour, I tried again and the engine started, but the warning lights came on.

I'd already rung out to the recovery people, and the car was loaded on the back of a lorry and taken to Alston Road Garage at Middleton in Teesdale, the nearest Ford dealer. I had to stay an extra night in a B&B as it was a real struggle to get hold of a replacement alternator. Thankfuly I didn't have to have a replacement drive belt, as that had been changed back in February. The garage did a splendid job, but the total cost was high - £250 for fitting the alternator plus the cost of the B&B and an evening meal.


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Thanks guys...

Ended up being my alternator...Cost me £220..!! Luckily the garage quoted me for the wrong alternator, it should have cost me in excess of £300..

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