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Aux Port On 6000 Radio

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My 6000 radio i have fitted in my mk2 focus has an aux button. I asked in halfords about getting a aux port put in the glove box where the blanking pannel is and they quoted me £110 and then advised me to invest into a parrot system with ipod connectivity for £199 instead. How easy is it it wire in an aux port? can i get it done cheaper than £110?. Is it possible for a novice to do?. My cars only a 2008 so i dont really want to go mucking around to much with it.

Thank you

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£110?! That's ridiculous!

I fitted an aux socket on my '07 Focus, which has this radio.

You need Ford part number 1426121. I got mine from my local Ford dealer for £16.81 although that was only after I saw them selling it at that price on eBay (had been quoted about a fiver more over the phone!).

This is them and might be the cheapest online.

You will also need four release keys to get the radio out. I got them from this guy as he was the cheapest I found.

Once you've got everything you just need to drill a hole in the glove box (best to remove it first!) to fit the socket, make sure it's nice and snug. Then use the keys to take the radio out plug one end of the lead into the back of the radio, feed the wire through the dash to the glove box and plug the other end into the socket in the glove box and refit the glove box. Takes about half an hour to do and is pretty simple.

Good luck! :)

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I want to do the same thing - connect my iPod via the aux port on the radio.

Rather than route the 3.5mm jack plug into the glovebox, why not use one of the spare buttons underneath the radio?

Currently my car has a button for the heated rear windscreen, the other 3 are blank. When I removed them, I found they're wired up to something. I believe 2 of them are for heated front windscreen and ESP (neither of which I have). Don't know where the 3rd is wired up to.

My intention is to use one of these spare buttons to fit a 3.5mm jack. See here for some good instructions from someone who did this.

First I have to get the radio out to see if there is already a cable connected to the aux port of the radio. If not I'll buy one as they are not expensive.

All in this job should cost around £20.

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