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Tailgate clattering noise


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I have just bought a 2018 edge st-line and when the electric boot/tailgate closes it makes a horrible metal on metal noise. I see a plate in the receiver that swings away but ever time I close the boot I cringe. Anyone got the same problem/solution

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When the boot closes, it motors down until it hits a striker plate, then the lock motor winds a hook into the catch 'ring'. It usually closes with a thud/scrape followed by a motor whirr and quite audible click.

Not sure if any of these describe what you're hearing?!

You can always try pushing the lid down manually until it reaches the striker plate to see if there is any mis-alignment or twist in the boot lid. Misalignment of the lid is not uncommon and if it gets to the point that it doesn't do the final motored lock, it will leave the car unable to go to sleep and your battery will be flat if left overnight. 

Also check you have both the ajustable rubber stops ('over-slam dampers') fitted to the inside outer corners of the boot lid and that they are adjusted correctly. See attached alignment guide.

Liftgate Alignment.pdf

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Thank you for the information I will check the alignment as you suggest 

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