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Focus Rear Wheel Bearings

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as title sais, how is easy it to replace them as mine are starting to go, are there any online guides, ive got a haynes as well

I don't think it'll be a difficult job. I was changing the rear brake cylinders on the Wife's Fiesta the other day, which has drums at the rear, and it was just a case of undoing the large central nut, which came undone and contained the wheel bearings, which just fell out.

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It should show you in your haynes manual! Though, it's usually as easy as pie to change bearings! It's one of the easiest jobs you can do on a car, besides changing spark plugs!

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apart from the bearings should be 'pressed' into the hub,sometimes its easier to get secondhand hubs fitted than go to the trouble of getting a garage to press the bearings in for you.

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