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Rear suspension springs

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just had a set of Eibach  uprated and lowering springs delivered, I have no problem with changing the fronts as its a case of remove the McPhersons struts and change spring using springs compressors, I done the same to my last car which was a Vectra C 2.2.

The rear springs look a bit different in the way to fit with the Vectra it was to remove wheel, bottom shock mount and bottom wishbone mount, I have seen a video on you tube where the whole rear sub frame was lowered, is this the way to do it or can it be done easier as at the moment I do not have access to a 4 post ramp only axle stands, trolley jacks and the road side.


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You'll need a big spring compressor for the fronts ,iv got 3 singles and they just slip all over the place ,I put springs on my mk 4 and the fronts ain't a straight forward job  pull the balljoint off on the drivers side at least you'll pull the shaft out if you don't ,they are brutal to get in the hub ,same at the back for getting them in the hub but u can use a spare wheel jack to push them apart ,your prob better to take off the full hub and shock but you will need heat for the 15mm on the hub  

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The fronts are not a problem, yes I have a very good set of spring compressors, to remove the front McPhearson strut after the clamps that hold the brackets for the brake hose and the ABS sensor cable you unbolt the drop link for the antiroll bar, then the two large bolts for the bottom of the strut to the hub, then the three bolts that hold the top of the strut to the inner wing and remove the whole assy.

Then off to a vice where you use the spring compressors to clamp said spring before you remove the top mount nut, then re assemble.


Its the rear ones I am a little unsure of as to the best way of wither  unbolting the wish bone and the bottom of the shock or to unbolt the rear sub frame and let that drop down to remove spring.

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