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Hi all,

Whilst changing the filter on my 63 plate Mondeo 2.0 tdci I came across this jammed against the side of the housing, between the filter and the housing wall.

Has a full ford service history up until I bought it. So not impressed .

Anyone any idea?



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I'm not the only one without a clue then. 🤣

It looks like some sort of rubber plug for somewhere. Cant think it would be attached to anything in the oil filter housing but I suppose it could have been knocked off somewhere getting the filter into place. It is in A ***** stupid position on that engine.

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Isn't that the sorting hat from Harry Potter? :laugh: 

The only thing I've seen that looks similar is an oil filler cap 'surround'.  I can't even remember if they're fitted to that engine though.  Is there a hole all the way through it or is the other end closed?  Another few picture angles might help jog someone's memory?

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