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Glowplug Warning Light, Temp Gauge Issue And Fog Light Bulb?


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Hey everyone!

i just recently purchased a mondeo 2002 (51) 2.0 TDCI estate.

I seem to be having a few issues i want to get checked out.

When pulling away, if the revs go high the car pulls a bit, so i change to 3rd gear and notice some black smoke from behind... im new to diesels so dont know if this is normal?

I also had the glow plug warning light flashing on the dash, doesnt happen all the time, but does come and go when it suits. Also the car cut out as i was driving along.... maybe connected?

I also noticed the temp gauge moves a bit... it floats between the 1/4 and half way mark, doesnt go beyond half way though... again, it may be normal for these cars, but i wanted to check to be sure.

Finally... i have a front fog light bulb blown, just trying to find out how i get to it? lol

Any help would be appreciated. I love the car, but will love it better when its running 100% :D

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all mondeos smoke a bit,it depends on how much smoke you have,if you have got loss of power with it,the intercooler pipe from the egr valve could be split.if the power is ok the egr valve could be due for a clean,it a messy job but well worth it the link may help with whats involved,


the car cutting out when driving points towards a cam sensor, get the codes read from the ecu to confirm.

the temp gauge should stay at the half way, if its floating around its a sign of the thermostat playing up, there are two on the tdci,the normal water thermostat and an oil cooler thermostat.its the oil cooler one that usually plays up.

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Another thing ive noticed... again could be normal for the miles (185k) is that theres a kinda ticking sound when accellerating... more i accelerate the louder it gets until it jerks, smokes then glowplug light comes on

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Hi, ive recently had just about the same problem , when you start do you get black smoke and when you first run it does it feel like a bit jerky like having a choke out on a older car if so i would look towards the injectors,these are quite expensive unless you go on find a part or eBay but make sure you have it diagnoised first. dont just take my word for it, but dont go to ford as there are mega expensive and like to do test after test and a nice bill after , speaking from experience.

To replace the fog light bulb remove the plastic cover and you will see 3 screws holding the lamp in , remove these and you will be able to pull the whole unit out the release the bulb holder ..job done .. good luck

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Thanks for the replies! The problem is on its way to being fixed. After doing a diagnosis check, turns out number 2 and 4 injectors are leaking. 2 more than 4. I had 2 replaced today (£280 inc) and now its running lovely. But hit 90mph and it happens again, so number 4 is on the list to be done, but the garage said theres no major rush as its a very slight leak. just carry on using it, keeping it under 90mph lol

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