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Automatic wipers don’t rest at bottom of screen


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I have just bought a 2019 Kuga and noticed that when the wipers are set to automatic the drivers side wiper doesn’t rest at the bottom of the screen. It stops about 3-4 inches higher.  The only way to get it to rest at the bottom is to switch the auto wipers off, then the wiper drops down to bottom of screen (where it should be). Is this normal?

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My Edge did that. I think it happens on all models that have wipers with twin motors, ie ones that sweep from centre out with over lapping wiper arms. I’ve gone to a 21MY Kuga, which has gone back to sided wipers that work as a single unit and they park normally in auto. 

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Incidentally I was impressed with my Edge wipers as you could lift them and move them independently and if you accidentally put the wrong one on top, the arms sorted themselves out when you put the ignition on. I’m easily pleased 😃

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Well will Nikki return to read the answers ?

Posted 13th September and so far has not been back. I guess the issue is not a big one, more like something that can just be swept aside 🤣

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