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Parking sensors


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Thanks for letting me in. I can’t get a definitive answer to my problem, I have recently bought my 13 model B Max Titanium 1.6 tdci and although there appears to be parking sensors fitted into the rear bumper I can’t fathom out whether the car has them. I have felt around behind the bumper and there appears to be wires going to the sensors but there is nothing on the dash to say whether they are switched on or off. When I select reverse there is no bleep and it doesn’t start bleeping when close to an object, whether it is a fuse issue or not I don’t know but this is doing my head in now. I don’t want to book it in for a diagnostic only to be told that sensors are not installed. Please help 😩

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The bumpers on cars without sensors are 'solid', so if there are separate sensors on your car, they're definitely fitted.

There is a slim chance the car had a minor rear end knock, and had a used sensor bumper fitted.  But that seems unlikely.

Chances are, they're probably an aftermarket addition if there's no physical 'P' button on the dash. 

A previous owner may have unplugged the parking module if it became faulty.

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