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Well, I had three reasonable years out of the Q7, but the amber pound signs began to flash up on the dash with increasing regularity and my mechanic suggesting we replace the suspension were not good omens.  I had been considering what next for around a year, as I do, so the quest for a replacement vehicle was quite advanced.

I knew what I did and didn’t want but finding a champagne car on a lemonade budget is difficult.  Low miles, interesting, quickish, economical, big (for the dog), lots of bells and whistles and a target of 2017 for £20k, hmm!

Now I had always loved the Edge, despite never knowingly seeing one, and have a soft spot for the long since deceased big Fords.  Having dismissed the rest of my shortlist I was left with trying two Edges, a 17 on 70k under budget and an 18 on 33k over budget, the latter being the only one offering a vaguely acceptable part ex on the Q7.  

After a bit of debating and a free powershift oil change, last Thursday saw me driving an ST-line Edge back home.  It has the Pano roof and I think the Lux pack, finished in Canyon Ridge, which sounds rather grand but gives no clue to its best described as bronze paintwork.  It is in my workshop for a detail and to be loaded up with all the stuff I think I need to carry but never actually use.

Really pleased with it, looks very much as new, much impressed with Sync 3 as always prefer a touchscreen, and keep finding new things it does.  

Spending my time digesting this forum and have my front LEDS on order to correct the dismal front DRL’s.  Will I am sure be picking the collective brains any day soon.  Pics are from the dealer but will update when out the workshop.



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Hi Phil, welcome to forum, I hope you enjoy your Edge, as much as I have been enjoying mine(fairly recent purchase).

I just changed out the bulbs today to the LED's, I used 20/20 compact for DRL/main beam and the 20/20 projector bulbs, headlight needs to come out as there is no room and looking in upside down is torture.

Anyway, enjoy


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20 hours ago, Philgv8 said:

Ready for the road, although I'm loath to get it dirty!


Welcome to the forum and Edge ownership Phil.

You'll find it's a very rare car and there can be weeks, months even when you don't see another Edge. In fact I don't think I've seen another one in the Canyon Ridge colour one like ours all year!


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On 12/6/2022 at 10:58 PM, Philgv8 said:

Thanks Pete.

I think it will be strange if I see another one, in fact I am down the top edge of Hampshire for Christmas - you never know!

Top Edge.  I see what you did there 😂 

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