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Hi folks, new to this forum and not very savvy when it comes to vehicles.


Bought my ford edge sport (17 plate) in April this year. Vehicle done 19k miles so thought I was onto a bargain. My friend has an edge too and I liked what he had.


When I bought the vehicle I had these faults

1. was hearing rumbling in the engine

2. When driving at speed it sounded as if the wind was blowing in the vehicle

3. When using the heated seats it was blowing like a fan.

The garage states that the wind like noise was just the wind. The engine noise was something to do with straps for the fuel tank which was replaced, and the heated seats was normal. I found the heated seats bizarre as my friends edge hadn't had this issue and I've never seen that with other vehicles.


Fast forward to November and I've done 6k miles (not alot) since purchase date. I was travelling from Scotland to Manchester on the motorway (at motorway speeds) when I lost power and a spanner appeared on the dash. After turning the vehicle on and back off the spanner disappeared. However there was a loud growling noise coming from where the engine is situated. This noise has remained the same since and I still get the spanner when driving at motorway speeds.


Further to this, but not occurring at the same time, my driver side heated seat has stopped working and the heat output on the front passenger has reduced.


I put the car into Ford as I purchased a warranty At point of sale due to the age of the car.


Ford have informed me that I have wear and tear on the wheel bearing, the vehicle needed a new oil pressure switch, and the heated seats weren't working as described.

At the time I was told that none of these faults would have an impact on driving the vehicle and they'd be coveted under warranty.


So for the previous month I've been driving as normal and then get told today that the warranty will only cover the switch.

I have a few questions


1. The heated seats - is this a common fault and should this stop working? Is it a easy fix and what's the likely expense to do so?


2. Does the seats have fans in them?


3. Should a wheel bearing go after 25k mileage. 


4. Has anyone had issues with an oil pressure switch and what impact does that have on driving your car.


Thanks for your time. I feel dissapointed.






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2 to 4, don't know.

No. 1... My drivers heated seat (2016 Edge) isn't working either. Possibly something to do with a mismatch of temperatures between base and back heaters but could be wrong. Think there was some chat about it on this forum somewhere if you have a search. No fix as far as I'm aware apart from replacing the entire seat.

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Do you have heated and cooled seats?  If so, and there are perforations in the seat material, then a fan in the seats is possible.  (Based on experience with other vehicles).

25k is low for a wheel bearing, but they are considered wear & tear parts so not covered by aftermarket warranty.  (Only first 3 year warranty which is well past now).

oil pressure switch in itself shouldn't cause a problem.  However, if the pressure really is low, and you didn't stop because you assumed the switch was faulty, then that would most likely lead to engine failure.  That is not a wear & tear part, which is why it's covered by warranty.

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The heated seats do have fans in them, I've been using mine over the last few weeks and when on you do get a fan noise but the noise is more like something inflating and deflating, it may only be mine as I do get the same noise when using the cooled seats, the rear heated seats as far as I'm aware don't make the same noise.

I do get some wind noise when driving at speed, from the drivers seat it sounds like it comes from the near side rear quarterlight. 

The only real bug bear I've had is that the fuel pump has a very annoying hum to it, it got replaced under warranty as they said it was noisier than it should be, the new one was fine for a couple of months and then I get the same noise, nothing turning the radio up doesn't cure though! 

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