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I've got my first Ka - I'm 19 and have inherited a 1.3 from a relative. It's an 03 and has only doen 25k

Problem is that it shudders when accelerating - seems okay is driven gently.

Tried to get the codes but got a 'O' comming up no P+4 numbers

Any Ideas

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Could be the clutch, or the brakes aren't set properly and their touching the disks as you drive.

Thanks for the reply. I may have lead you astray with the words shuddering. Its more a jumpy - judderign as i accelerate so I think its engine or fuel related.

While I'm on - my uncle found a site that had pdf of workshop manuals for his Alpha for free. Are they any sites like that for the KA.


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longshot but my gf's ka had this problem and it turned out to be a faulty coil ignition pack making the car very irratic and jumpy under acceleration as it was fireing incorrectly putting the timing out

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