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Urgent, please help! How to attach jump leads??


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Kuga 2016

I wired in a Road Angel Halo Pro camera believing the battery safeguard would work.  It has not!  My battery is completely flat.  Obviously the key fib doesn't work, but I have borrowed jump leads ... and the key doesn't work either!!!

The insert in the fob is useless, so I have used pliers.  The key turns about a quarter and the I would seriously have to force it to go any further .. it feels like it would break the mechanism.  I would really appreciate some urgent advice.

Many thanks

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That panic is over .. the quarter turn was probably about an eighth, but clockwise.  Turning anti-clockwise you need slight force to open ... doh.

OK, next panic ... how do I attach jump leads???? The battery appears to be set so far back, it is impossible to reach black!?!?!!  Surely there is another method to reach a terminal ... looks like you would have to dismantle the whole engine!


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26 minutes ago, TomsFocus said:

See the bolt head on the far right of the picture attached to a thick black cable?  That's where the negative jump lead goes.

You are a star, thank you so much for the quick reply.


Looks like I will be driving daughter back to Uni after all!

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