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Problems with bluetooth and handsfree


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I have a 2013 ford ka for a couple years now. It has the bluetooth with usb and handsfree buttons on steering wheel and that has all been working since I had the car. 

Recently I went to start my car up and my mileage was flashing and my handsfree buttons and usb with bluetooth all stopped working. I know this is a common problem with ford kas and fiat 500s and I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix it?

I disconnected my battery for 10 minutes as I saw that as a suggestion and this has stopped my mileage flashing (for the moment) but the handsfree buttons are still not working. The usb charges my phone for a few seconds then disconnects. The volume button and mute buttons work on my steering wheel too but not the phone buttons or menu button. 

Any help is appreciated thank you. 

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The problem is bluetooth profile AVRCP settings (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) bluetooth profile was "updated" for Android 11 OS update from 1.3 to 1.4. Currently 1.5. To change this back to 1.3 you need to:-


Open settings menu. Search "build date"


Tap 7 times on build date. Successivea taps will then count down from 7 to 1. Developer mode is then unlocked THEN search for AVRCP in the settings menu and change the AVRCP version back to 1.3.

This SHOULD then correct the issue of how your phone communicates with your head unit via bluetooth and skip functions should now work via steering wheel controls.

Usual disclaimers, I have no idea what I'm doing and usual caution should be applied. Google is your friend

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