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Dual mass flywheel replacement question

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Hi. I had an 04 plate 2.0 TDCI and had the DMF changed out for a Transit Connect solid flywheel at about 120k. It was faultless until I had to let the car go eighteen months ago for scrap at 235k when other things started to go wrong. No vibration, or issues with the clutch at all. I was so pleased with the mondeo that I sought out an identical replacement. So, 18 months later my 'new' Mondeo has a rattling dual mass flywheel at 122k. I though it a no brainer to do the same as before and fit a single mass replacement.

However, I'm being told don't do it! Is it really a no no?

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The DMF is fitted on manual cars to protect the gearbox from the stress of boy racers doing wheel spins away from the lights. Obviously if you are a normal careful driver who gently slips the clutch to move off then the fixed flywheel from a transit van would be an excellent replacement that should result in no more clutch problems.





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