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Kuga Mk1 Electrical Problem


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Hi All
I had a problem with parasitic drain from the battery. I my attempt to find it I disconnected the starter, alternator and checked for draw. I removed the complete interior, 1 to clean the carpets and 2 looking for the battery drain. I identified the problem being the electric heater matrix inside the car and disconnected it.
I had to replace the battery, which I did.
When I tried to start the car I couldn't get the ignition to come on. (Push start), I tried the emergency key, but still nothing.
I have tested (about 4 times) every fuse and relay in the car and even tried reconnecting the heater on the off chance it was that.
Now every time I hook-up the battery the alarm sounds and I can't switch it off using the key.
Any help would be gratefully received.
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