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Hopping and pulling.

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My 2006 Ka has developed a problem whereby it "hops" up and down at low speed. I have checked the tyres for bulges but cannot see any (although the tyres are admittedly very old). Further to this the car pulls to the left on acceleration - any ideas welcome as I'm new to old Kas, cheers.

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Tyre out of round would be my guess. Pulling could be the same cause or alignment. Try putting the spare on each hub in turn 

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So we went out in the Ka on quite a long journey yesterday and it was frightening. The car was wobbling and felt like one of my wheels was buckled. Today I looked underneath and found that the lower suspension arms are shot - the rear bushes are nearly non existent so the arms are more or less free to pivot around the front bush meaning that the wheels are not fixed but free to move forwards and backwards. Question - there seems to be a lot of these arms listed - is there a part number for the correct left and right arms please? It's a 2006 Ka studio 1.3 Duratec with power steering. Ta.

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