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Heater Fan Blower removal - 2006 C-Max


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Hi all

I'm about to replace the heater fan (blower) on my UK spec RHD 2006 C-Max (and yes, it's definitely the fan, not the resistor that's the problem).

My query is this...... Has anyone found an easier way to remove/replace the fan than having to remove the clutch pedal, slave cylinder and disconnect the clutch/brake hoses as per the Ford manual?

e.g. is there any way you can get access to the back of the motor from perhaps the top/rear of engine bay (eg going through the wiper motors etc)?

If I do have to disconnect the clutch hoses, is bleeding the clutch a simple exercise?

There are numerous videos on YouTube which are all based on LHD versions where the blower is right behind the glove box = easy 5-min job. But there's nothing for UK Spec RHD versions, so I'm imagining there aren't any easy options!

Thanks for any help etc.



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So, for the benefit of anyone in the future wanting to change their heater blower fan on a RHD 2006 focus c-max, I've just managed to do it without removing the clutch pedal, slave cylinder and brake lines etc. as per the Ford method statement (its also rated as a 4 spanner job by Haynes, so effectively not a simple job)

The trick is to have someone around with fairly small hands!!

Just remove the trim around the drivers footwell and you should be able to get line of sight through to back of the blower motor. The electrical connector is fairly easy to reach and remove (at 7 O'clock), but the tab that you need to press in to unlock the motor is on the far side (at about 3 O'clock). I couldn't get my hand anywhere near it.

But my teenage daughter (with pretty small hands) was easily able to reach it and rotate the motor clockwise..... Click.. Then the Motor slides out easily from the glove box side.

She could then guide the new motor into place. ( Tip - we had to match up the lug spacings rather than use the 'Top' marking on the replacement blower motor, as it was wrong!)


Whole Procedure took about 20mins and I now don't have to stick my head out the window in order to see ahead on frosty mornings!!


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2 hours ago, Wilf1234 said:

for the benefit of anyone in the future wanting to change their heater blower fan on a RHD

A very useful guide that I'm sure will help someone in the future. 👍

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