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Odd steering


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Wife has a 21 plate Kuga phev and when I'm driving it I've noticed that the steering is being odd in a few ways:

It will sometimes go light momentarily, noticeable at higher speeds when making small corrections

 It will nudge to the left or right a couple of degrees through sweeping bends.

When the steering is turned at a stop it will try to head back towards centre a couple of times with small jerks 


Has anyone else had anything like this? It's in for a service this week and awaiting being fobbed off. Also lane assist is always turned off as soon as the car is started.

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Seems more like Lane Assist is actually on.

Have you tried driving with it active and see if there is any difference ?



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I have and it's a different feeling, lane assist is more subtle whereas this is a split second nudge/jerk movement.

Lane assist is definitely OFF when this is happening. It's not showing as ON in the dash or in the menu.

Also lane assist wouldn't be trying to correct the car when it's stationary.

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Trying to twist the tyre off the rim whist stationary will cause a bit of feedback, just as it does with a manual rack. the yaw sensor is merely compensating for the tyre springing back. Nudging on sweeping bends could be torque steer or minor losses of grip through either poor surfaces or tyres tramlining. I would have the wheel alignment checked before doing anything else.

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