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Recently purchased s max 2.0 titanium x 2010

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Hello was hoping to pick your brains.

Recently purchased a 2010 ford s max titanium x semi auto (auto).

I didnt get to see the vehicle first as the distance was too far for viewings.

So i might have been screwed on this not sure yet.

Im a mechanic by trade so could do most of the repairs myself.

Its just getting the knowledge to do it,

First of the automatic is super jumpy and doesn't pull very hard. Im guessing the dual clutch system has gone sour.

The panoramic window blind is literally attached to nothing and just pushed up in its recess. ( never worked on these before so dont av a scooby. 

The listing stated full head unit with sat and reverse canera.

Well theres no camera connected to car and the gps chip is missing so no sat. Theres no dab just says no dab deviceconnected. After digging around ive found out its a pumkin head unit. So my question on this is can i add a camera and how. 

How do i fix roof blind and what can i do about the gearbox


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