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Dashboard / module?


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Eve all

Im.after some direction or help and it's hard to find it .... I say dashboard as it's central locking, folding mirrors, internal lights, radio volume, dash lights and instruments and heating....

The jelopy is keyless and fob so it's push start engine... That works fine no issue but dashboard etc cuts in and out, mite work for 5mins and then cuts out... Once it cuts out (engine still works and runs and all external lights work etc) the above happens, I have to disconnect the battery else it drains out overnight... Iite not have the issue for a few days but I mite have it the issue for days on end.....

When it's working it's fine can lock etc, when dash goes it's like cmax is on a 2 year old throwing it toys out of the pram lol

If anyone has anything similar or things to try or there's a thread for similar issue feel free to let me know ... Also battery is fine and tested ok ! 

Many thanks and cheers 🙂

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I think the first place I would look is the BCM make sure all the connectors are clean and connected properly, make sure you disconnect the main earth cable first.

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Is your C-Max an early MK3 Focus spec or a late MK2 Focus spec?

If it's MK3 then it sounds like the cluster is going down, a 2nd hand cluster will just plug and play

If it's MK2 then it will be the solders in the cluster that are going down, I suspect it's the MK3 though


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