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Kuga 2017 Washer Pump Faulty?


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Hi all, just looking to confirm our initial thoughts about a fault washer pump.


The front jets stopped working, but the rear jets were operating normally.


Removed wheel arch to access reservoir and removed filter, which did have some blue coloured slime. Washed and refitted, but problem remained.


Refilled reservoir and removed both front and rear hoses on the white and black connection points. Water was free flowing through the white tube which feeds the rear, but nothing from the black side. Activated the pump and it forces water through the white, but nothing through the black.


Removed both of the white and black nozzles and there is a blue diaphragm inside which seemed to be stopping flow to the front. When removed can blow through both pipes so no obvious blockage. Tried turning it around to see if that worked and then neither front or rear active when called from the controls.


Does it sound like a faulty pump that needs replacing or could it be something else?







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Disconnect the plug from the pump. Get a 21W lamp (don't use a meter) and and connect it to the plug, and check that the lamp lights when either the front or rear screen wash is selected.

If the lamp lights for both then it would seem that you have a faulty pump.

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Thanks unofix,


Can I just check what you mean by a 21w lamp please?

Im a novice on things like this and was thinking it was a blocked filter but ended up playing around with it to see if I could figure anything out.

Is it just a bulb and does it need a specific connection to be able to attach to the plug? Had a quick search online but couldn't really see anything that might work.

My initial plan was to buy a new pump and hope that resolved the issue.






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Any 12 volt lamp will do, but 21 watt will provide a decent load. Just replacing the pump when you're not totally sure that is the problem will be expensive (around £70 form Ford).

The use of the lamp is just an easy way to check that the supply to the pump is operating as it should. You will need a couple of lengths of wire to connect to the lamp and then to the plug.


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