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Satnav system for a mark 3 Mondeo

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My 2010 TDCI comes with a very basic satnav radio in that it gives me verbal directions but rather than a map it has an arrow which points in the general direction of where I ought to be going. 

At the moment I have it linked up to my phone so at least I can use Google Maps or whatever with the audio coming through by bluetooth but I’d rather have a system that has a map on the screen. 

Now I’ve come across plenty of non- or obscure branded satnav radios on eBay which will likely do the job and connect by phone by CarPlay but I’d much rather prefer to use a Ford branded system as that way I’ll know the steering wheel control will still work (without needed to buy an adapter loom etc) and I’d have more confidence in a Ford branded system anyway.

So anyone know where I can get one from, preferably used? Yeah I know, eBay etc but I’m not altogether sure what I should be searching for as I thought I found one or two recently but when I questioned the sellers I just got the usual “yes sir thank you please” replies of someone who wasn’t British and would say anything to get me to buy what they were selling. 

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