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Cranking but not starting up

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My 2009 2ltr titanium  petrol has a starting issue. It fires up from cold okay then after warm up it struggles to start thereafter. (This has been going on for some time )This morning it fired up and ran okay. I switched off and restarted, tried to move off then stalled, tried again and stalled and now it won't fire up at all. Any ideas please.

 thanks, Mike

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Try whacking the dash above the instrument cluster and see if this makes any difference. If so then it's a good sign that it's common cracked solder joint issue that affects models built around the time yours was built, and in that case please note that I offer my own repair service.

Otherwise a video would be helpful.

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Here is a very rare photo of a young Lyndon learning the art of professional fault finding 🤣

Whack a mole.JPG

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