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Motor Assured Warranty cover

Mark Veg

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Hi can any one help or advise me on the motor assured extended warranty cover 

bought with my Kuga 2019  12 months ago  with 3 years cover 

i have started to get a humming noise when in reverse on a hill Cline 

also when the car is stationery  just as i pull of  but every thing fine once going 

as if the clutch or bearing does it under pressure first engaged 

if this all makes sense 

the car has only done 30000 miles 

would i be covered for this under my extended warranty 

if any one can help or advise it would be great 

Thank you  

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Hi. Unless anyone on this forum has got EXACTLY the same policy as you have got, I think you will have to read through your policy document first and then contact them to ask them. 


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As others have said, read the terms and conditions and, what is and what is not covered.

The majority of these "warranties" do not cover wear and tear. In many cases the company will refer to them as MBI - Mechanical Breakdown Insurance - the sudden and unforseen failure of an item - hence they work ok on things like alternators and starter motors one minute they are working, next minute they are not (sudden failure)

If you have a problem with say the clutch I doubt you will get any claim unless something has suddenly "broken" that is found/seen after you have authorised the dismantling, only to be liable for all the costs if nothing broken.

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