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Engine Malfunction with ESP Warning Light

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I have a Ford Mondeo 2.2 Titanium X Sport (2011) and it has an intermittent engine malfunction with an ESP light.  It is booked in for a diagnostic check, but wanted to understand what the issue is.  Any advice

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All we can do with the very limited info you've provided is make guesses.

If you had an OBD tool you could plug it in to get a list of trouble codes which would yield better clues. For a problem like this the mechanic you're planning to take it to will no-doubt start by doing this. Perhaps you could ask them politely for the code list if you see a possible benefit to passing them on to us, considering you're already engaging a professional to investigate it.

One possibility that I'll mention is that you may be experiencing symptoms of the common instrument cluster solder joint issue, but there's not much to go on at this point to have any confidence about that. You could try bashing the dash above the IC when it's showing the light and see if there's any change. If so then this adds credibility to it being the cluster solder joint issue. You can read more about this common issue via the link below in my signature where I offer a repair service for it. Your vehicle is about the right age to be possibly affected.

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8 hours ago, RobT76 said:

Thanks for your reply.  The diagnostic code is P1262-00.

If that's all that's coming up then forget what I said about the cluster solder issue; go and read the thread linked to by unofix, it seems you need a new injector.

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