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Fault Code P1169 Ford Mondeo 2.0 tdci

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Hi,. The following appeared when at approx 50-55mph, there is a reduction in power (almost feels like cutting out) however engine runs. 

I see the skid Electronic stability light. When I accelerated again power reduced and oil light came on briefly then off 



Power train 

HO2S High input 

HO2S bank 1 sensor 1 circuit fixed (bank 1 sensor 1) 


Car was fully serviced October. 

Any ideas what this is?

Would a local garage be able to fix or do I need to take it to Ford? 


I ended up taking car to Ford for a new vapaoriser and previous wiring fault a few years ago! 


Any guidance, is much appreciated. Thanks. 


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HO2S refers to the oxygen (aka lambda) sensors on the exhaust, used to help the engine management computer assess and adjust the performance of the engine. They sometimes fail and need replacing. The behaviour you're experiencing from the engine is probably just due to getting bad data from a failed sensor. The lights coming up on the dash could also simply relate to the computer modules being confused.

Yeah just take in to your local garage. We can't predict whether or not their scantools will be capable of processing Ford specific data, but they might and if it is just a replacement oxygen sensor that's needed, they'll be able to do that no problem.

Once that problem is fixed you can reassess whether or not any symptoms remain that might indicate another issue.

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Thank you for the response. 

I hope it is just a sensor. 


I have just remembered a possible other symptom.... 

The fuel gage was not reading correctly, a month ago after filling up, resetting the clock and doing 150 miles, the fuel gage read half full. I thought maybe it's with parking on a hill. However since last fill, it's doing the same. 


The car is booked in to get the alloys refurbed as corrosion has lead to air leaking in one tyre. The fault code appeared last nightI. 

am wondering logistically if its best to book with my normal garage to get the mechanical fault dealt with first then take it to the alloy garage. 


Also attached is the full message i got when using OBD with Torque app. 


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