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One brake light on drivers side not working

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Hi, hoping someone can help diagnose the above issue with my 2013 Ka. The orange bulb light came on and message on the dash said to ‘check stop lights’ and I noticed it was out on the drivers side when pushing the brake pedal down.

I replaced the bulb today, but still the same error message on the dash and it isn’t working on the one side. However the bulb comes on if I put the fog lights on and I replaced with the original bulb which also makes it come on with the fog lights. So I think the bulb itself is okay.

is it likely to be the brake light switch under the brake pedal? Just wondering has anyone else experienced this before I spend money doing this.



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If it comes on when a different switch is operated (which is what you are saying) I think it's more likely to be the BCM.

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More likely to be bad earth on the taillight cluster or corrosion in the multi plug on it.

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Thanks both, really appreciated and was corrosion I think as tried to clean it and suddenly started working again🤷🏻‍♂️

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