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Ford KA 2009 MK2? - Ford KA Radio Error - Error 2 - B420 Low

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Can someone help with a Ford KA 2009 Radio Code /Error

We've bought a car and the radio is displaying ERROR 2

There is a card with a radio code ;) Hopefully it works but while ever the radio displays ERROR 2 we can't enter the code.

Does anyone know what options we have?

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No luck getting any further than the error screen.


We tried leaving it unplugged for 10 minutes, Then overnight and also leaving it turned on for 45 minutes and then again afterwords for up to 2 hours but it doesn't change the error unfortunately.

I have seen a few of these standard radios on eBay and facebook marketplace etc but I'm not sure if buying one would work without a code? Are radio codes even available for this radio?

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Yes it's that exact radio. Seems like it's a funny one. A FIAT /Ford KA radio. I've still got the radio on the kitchen side gathering dust as I've message a few people in the hope they can help with the issue but it's slow progress 😞

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Just get yourself a replacement, you can pick them up cheap on eBay.

Loads of YouTube videos of how to upgrade to a more modern radio including some with sat nav.

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