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digital fuel gauge ford edge st


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Has anyone had problems with their digital fuel gauge and mpg readings?

On a recent trip approx. 120 miles my range went from 179 to 117 miles, which if it were true, would be excellent MPG 

But the Fuel economy reading also fluctuated (doing 70mph on cruse control) from 99 mpg to 30 mpg  

Is there a easy dashboard computer reset?


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Your 2018 Edge is clever, but despite all good efforts it can not predict the future.

The digital read out of MPG and predicted range is a "best guess" based of the previous 100 miles or so.

No car, plane, or ship knows exactly how much fuel they are going to use and how many miles to the gallon they will get. All they can do is look at what they have been getting and project those figures forward.

Slight inclines or a slight decline of the pitch of the road has a massive affect on the instant mpg reading. Accelerating away from being stopped could see the figure drop to 14mpg while slowing down or coasting to a halt will show 99mpg.


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