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LHD StreetKa 2004 Spanish CDRB PCV Valve

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Bought this 15 years ago at 4 years old with 7.500 kms, still running but costing a fortune to maintain. Live on Costa del Sol, where it is garaged and the roof is off as much as possible. Passes every year's MOT, only 75.000 kms now.

BUT I thought that the head gasket had gone again (happened 3 years ago due to expansion tank splitting and losing all 'water') just this weekend. Had to call the breakdown service that comes with most Spanish insurance policies.  In repair shop now, under investigation. Mechanics say that it may not be the same problem, but still, that the tank had split again!! As there is NO water temp guage, I fitted an OBD unit some 2 years ago permanently on the dash with a smallish screen, and shows the temp/voltage whatever you like. Got up to 105⁰C and I stopped of course. Good job it was fitted. Thought I had water in oil (had only changed the oil & filter last week!!, and had managed to find an EGR solenoid valve), but was asked if I had changed the PCV valve. What the heck is that?, so I researched it for my own info. Figures that we should be changing these every 3 years or so!! Never knew, so take a look ladies and gentlemen what it does. If that is the problem besides the tank, (cap is no good either it seems, doesnt keep the water pressure), COULD be a saving grace. Don't want to pay out another 800€ on head skim, soldering and head gasket etc etc etc. again. Keep it in mind folks. 🙏

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I check the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve on my Duratec 1.3 each time I change the oil. It is located in a rubber ring on top of the rocker cover and has a hose leading to the inlet manifold. It is designed to allow fumes from the crankcase to flow into the engine for combustion if there is pressure in the crankcase but in a controlled way. If there is no pressure in the crankcase the PCV should not allow the engine to suck air from there as this air is unmetered and would interfere with the fuel/air ratio causing I imagine misfiring.

The checking is simply to remove the valve and check that I can only blow through it in one direction - from the crankcase to the outlet and check that the valve closes in the other direction. I would welcome suggestions as to how to check it for opening at the correct pressure if anyone has any please and also any cleaning recommendations. Thanks.

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