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Engine management light / service

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Hi guys, new to this group, can anybody shed some light? My engine management light as come on and it says service is now due. I've had the car since August 2021 and it hasn't had a service yet. Is this the only reason the EML light as come on?

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No it means there is a fault. You need to get the codes read. Ideally with something that can read all of fords specific codes on both CAN buses. 

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"Engine Service" is Ford's way of saying "Engine is Broken" it actually has nothing to do with a service.

Use FORScan and a vLinker FS cable to read the DTC's and find out why the EML is on. Don't leave it too long as you could possibly cause the vehicle harm, or the engine could go in to limp mode.

FORScan: https://forscan.org/download.html

vLinker FS cable: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Vgate-vLinker-Adapter-FORScan-MS-CAN/dp/B0952P4MLP

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