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Yellow oil change light

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Hi guys….got the “ oil change needed”, yellow light come on…I don’t need an oil change, I think the computer is just basing it on miles done(49000), I had the oil changed 5 months ago, and the oil level is fine.

I can’t turn it off/delete it….can it b turned off, or will it go off of it own accord?.


cheers team👍🙂

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I have checked the owners manual, and have seen nothing of help….any help/advice much appreciated.🙂

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On 5/11/2023 at 3:54 AM, powerbow1415 said:

got the “ oil change needed”, yellow light come on

Hello Colin, can you please post a photo of the yellow warning light.

The Kuga's oil life is determined by a complex algorithm, not just a straight forward mileage.

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  1. Turn the key but do not start the engine.
  2. For push button starts, press the start/stop button once without starting the engine, then quickly perform the next step.
  3. Press.the gas and brake simultaneously (and keep pressing them) all the way down as far as they will go for about 20 seconds. The display will say, “Service: oil reset complete” is displayed.
  4. Release the pedals. Turn the vehicle off.
  5. The reset is now complete. The service message will not come up again until the following oil change.

Some websites say you'll get a message "reset in progress" at some point, so I'm not 100% sure what you'll see. But you'll know if the oil change message disappears.

I have reset my car successfully in the past using a procedure like this.

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Hi alanfp..tried your method above, worked perfectly…thanks mate🙂👍.

if it comes back, I will upload a pic here, for unofix.


thanks again guys👍👍

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