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Why are most 1.8 Petrol Mk2 Mondeos Euro 3?

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I have seen a few Mk2 1.8 Petrol Mondeos for sale cheap around London.

It appears that if registered before 2006, they are Euro 3 emissions rated. This means that they will not be ULEZ compliant. The owners are obviously getting rid of them before the London wide ULEZ expansion in August.

However, the 2.0 Petrols seem to be Euro 4 rated from 2001 onwards. These are currently ULEZ compliant.

What is the reason for this?

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4 hours ago, AntonovAN12 said:

What is the reason for this?

I've no idea, but when you get a chance to vote in the next mayoral election, vote for Howard Cox - he's running on a ticket of disbandoning the whole ULEZ system!

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