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Electrical help needed!!


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So in short, having apparent issues with APP D & E sensors. Mainly 'E'....this fluctuates up and down and doesn't match 'D' which is at at constant 0% until the pedal is pushed. When I start the car, these 2 not matching throws engine malfunction, and ESP light. I have a pdf of the circuitry, but a bit bamboozled!! I'll include screen shots, so maybe someone can make sense. OK, so D appears to be normal. But E, very erratic. Hence the issues. What I'm trying to find out is where both D & E go? Only 3 of the 6 wires go the the cluster as you'll see in the diagram. But where do the other 3 go? I only ask, as I had her in for a clutch & dmf 2/3 months ago and the issue started a few weeks after that. If they removed the passenger side front wheel and liner, and somehow messed with the pcm.(long shot I know!) There may lie the problem. I feel its some wiring issue. As it doesn't always happen. Drove yesterday with no errors, then boom!! Just trying to cover variables.many thanks. Hopefully someone will understand my ramblings!! 
20230519_122249.thumb.jpg.45dae0d667e1de94dbef7e158fc41912.jpgBrown, white and yellow go to the cluster. Where do pins 4,5 and 6 go? 
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